Active Neighbourhood Scans

Active Neighbourhood Scans

Working together to learn from communities and collectively create healthy, active places to live

What are Active Neighbourhood Scans?

Active Neighbourhood Scans seek to identify opportunities to make small, public space improvements that enable residents to be active more easily where they live. They are scans of different routes within each priority neighbourhood across Oxfordshire to fully understand how easy it is to walk, wheel and be active within these neighbourhoods. The scans will be completed with residents, groups, schools, planners and developers and will provide invaluable insight that will help us make collective changes to increase activity levels within these neighbourhoods.

How do Active Neighbourhood Scans align with other community work in Oxfordshire?

Active Oxfordshire will co-ordinate the Active Neighbourhood Scans as part of Oxfordshire on the Move. We will be able to invest a small amount of funding and actively seek matched investment opportunities, so that we can respond proactively to the insight gathered from the scans and to ideas put forward for improvements. We want to better understand not only what's preventing residents from being active in their neighbourhoods, but also what's going well, so that we can share this insight with our partners and collectively achieve change.

This work is intended to compliment the Community Ward profiles that are being facilitated by Oxfordshire County Council Public Health and Voluntary and Community Sector groups and will build on the recommendations generated through that process where they relate to public spaces. In addition, we anticipate this process adding extra resource in terms of capacity and funding to implementing community solutions rather than being a duplication of efforts.

The same is true of the Well Together Programme which is to be facilitated by OCVA and CFO in partnership with the Integrated Care Board. We will proactively seek to work in partnership, share learnings and we believe that by combining our knowledge and resources that the impact for communities will be greater as a result.

Upcoming Active Neighbourhood Scans

We will hold Active Neighbourhood Scans in the summer of 2024.

Details of location, time, and how to get involved, will follow soon.

We are really keen to have as much representation as possible from residents and community groups, and planners, developers and partners are more than welcome to attend - so please spread the word!

If you would like to find out more or have any questions, please reach out to Ellie:

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