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Oxfordshire on the Move is a social movement bringing together residents, communities, organisations, businesses and schools. Together, we are working towards four collective ambitions which will help people in greatest need to transform their health and wellbeing through physical activity.

You can click on each of the ambitions below and join us in taking actions towards our ambitions.

We want every child facing barriers to activity to learn to swim, ride a bike safely, and have 60 active minutes every day.

We want older people and those with long-term health conditions to live well by moving more.

We want to increase activity levels in priority neighbourhoods to level the playing field and help create healthy places to live.

We want everyone to recognise the critical importance of being active for their mental health and wellbeing.

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About Oxfordshire on the Move

Being active makes a huge difference to our health and wellbeing - but Oxfordshire is facing serious health inequalities that mean far too many adults and children don't have the opportunities they deserve to live an active life. Oxfordshire on the Move is convened by Active Oxfordshire but is a collective social movement where everyone has a part to play in helping people in most need to move more.


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By working together and taking action towards our four collective ambitions, we can help to transform Oxfordshire's health and wellbeing through physical activity. By joining Oxfordshire on the Move, you can connect to new organisations, receive regular invites to workshops and events and be part of a collective way of working that will change lives.

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