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Oxfordshire on the Move is a new social movement for our county, launching in February 2023. Over the last 12 months, we've worked as a collective of 90 organisations to agree four collective ambitions, decide together what changes we want to see and create actions for each ambition. These actions include ensuring that thousands more children in most need can learn to swim and ride a bike; preventing falls in older people through physical activity; working in priority neighbourhoods to help our residents in most need access free and low cost activities - and so much more.

If you or your organisation can help us towards these actions, we'd love to hear from you. By joining Oxfordshire on the Move, you will be part of a committed, inspirational group of organisations, community groups and individuals, all working together to help people in most need move more and improve their health and well-being.

Why join Oxfordshire on the Move?

"I used to have four organisations I knew I could speak to, but we now have so many more partnerships through being part of Oxfordshire on the Move"

  • You'll be able to connect with organisations working across the county to share ideas & learnings, and help people in greatest need increase their activity levels

  • You'll be able to access training information and resources to help you and your organisation promote physical activity
  • We'll send you regular invitations to events and workshops, all focused on increasing activity levels and improving Oxfordshire's health and wellbeing

  • By working together towards four collective ambitions, you'll be part of a unique way of working where we can measure our progress and see the difference we are achieving together

  • We'll keep you updated about how Oxfordshire on the Move is progressing through news updates and case studies

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Get in touch

Children & Young People Ambition

If you would like to get involved with our Children & Young People Ambition please contact Stephanie or Adam from Active Oxfordshire: or

Long term health conditions/older people ambition

If you would like to get involved with our long term health conditions/older people Ambition please contact Richard from Active Oxfordshire or Jason from Age UK Oxfordshire: or

Increasing activity in priority neighbourhoods ambition

If you would like to get involved with our priority neighbourhoods/place based Ambition please contact Ellie at Active Oxfordshire:

Mental health and wellbeing ambition

If you would like to get involved with our Mental health and wellbeing Ambition please contact Ellen at Oxfordshire Mind or Emily Myhill at Active Oxfordshire: or

General/media enquiries

For all other enquiries relating to Oxfordshire on the Move, please contact Nicole: