Our Impact

Oxfordshire on the Move - our collective impact

Oxfordshire on the Move launched in March 2023, and since then we have achieved incredible, collective impact by working together:

Together, we've supported 470 children from priority neighbourhoods to learn to swim and 3,800 school aged children now have access to discounted swimming lessons. OOTM partners have set up new bike libraries, launched a falls prevention campaign and working group, trained healthcare professionals to talk confidently about physical activity and we've started Active Neighbourhood Scans in priority areas.

We also asked partners for their feedback at the latest OOTM event on 1st November.

  • 89% said they were confident or very confident in what OOTM is trying to achieve
  • 100% of responders confirmed they have made changes in how they support people to be active as a result of OOTM
  • 79% are now working with other organisations to encourage people to become more active.
  • 30% of attendees from the latest event were new to OOTM

Our collective impact in 2023:

  • We have brought together 110+ organisations covering 11 different sectors including charities, community organisations, county and district councils, public health, schools, leisure centres and businesses.
  • This has enabled new connections between organisations across sectors as part of a whole systems approach, which is a crucial aim of Oxfordshire on the Move
  • Oxfordshire on the Move has attracted engagement from new organisations, including from arts and social welfare sectors, enabling them to embed physical activity in their day to day work
  • Oxfordshire on the Move has established four collective ambitions, each of which have clear priority areas and actions to take going forwards
  • We are seeing better connected systems, both operationally and systemically
  • By working across sectors, there is better joined up approaches, making the most of the superb work already in place across Oxfordshire

"I used to have four organisations I knew I could speak to, but we now have so many more partnerships through being part of Oxfordshire on the Move"

Thank you so much for a wonderful event yesterday, it was truly positive, and we found it incredibly useful. We could not be doing so many things we are doing without Oxfordshire on the Move's wonderful support!

Measuring our impact

Going forwards, measuring the difference that Oxfordshire on the Move can make is a key priority. Find out how we're going to measure the impact of Oxfordshire on the Move here: